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Today is the awarding of the distinguished scholar for Palmer Way. AJ, a sixth grader in Mr. Clarken’s class received the award at Rancho de la Nacion School. Before the group headed to Rancho de la Nacion School, we had a year dinner at  Home Town Buffet.  We had a great time and congratulations to AJ. ” KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!”        “GOOD LUCK IN MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!”


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Pacquiao Won   Leave a comment

Yesterday, Manny Pacquiao won against Shane Mosley to defend his WBO Welterweight Championship Belt. That means he still hold eight championship belts. Now he going back to the Philippines to continue his work in Congress, Pacquio is a  Congressman. I hope Pacquiao next opponent will be Mayweather. In my opinion he is the best fighter ever.

To learn more about Manny Pacquiao click this link: Manny Pacquiao Fan

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High Gas Price   Leave a comment

I’ve noticed that the gas prices are escalating, I think it is because of what is happening  in the Middle East countries  like Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Eqypt and others.  The government there is not stable and so they cannot produce large amount of the gas  and it is  causing more money to produce the gas. So the price if the gas escalating everyday  and  makes our daily expense to go up. I hope the gas prices will go down, so we can go for a long drive this coming summer.

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Welcome Back   Leave a comment

Hello every body this is the last weekend before we come back to school from Spring Break. I hope everybody had a great Spring Break and is ready to get back to school and do the CST.  I can’t wait to get back to school and practice for the test. We”re also going to present our Science projectm  so wish me good luck.

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Happy Easter   Leave a comment

Happy Easter everybody, today is the resurrection of Jesus after his death on the cross, the first person to find out about this resurrection a woman named Mary Magdalene. Then Jesus rejoined with his disciples and  he went to Heaven. The disciples spreaded the Word of the Lord. Everybody learned that Jesus our Savior of the World is coming back to judge the living and to make this world a better place again.

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Cancelation of Presentation   Leave a comment


                Yesterday, we were supposed to present our research about chemical reactions, but Mr.Crosbie was  absent So the presentation was canceled, instead we put our finishing touches on our presentations and worked on our scripts. We are going to present our research when we come back from the weekend. I wish everyone good luck.

If you want to check our prezi before we present it click this link:

Chemical reaction prezi

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IXl Competition   Leave a comment

We are going to have a ixl competiotion and so far I am tie for 1st  place, I hope I’ll win the contest, but it is hard for me because I mastered almost all the easy one. Anyway I will still my best and Math is my favorited subject.  To learn math on ixl click this link: IXL

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